Pergolas CosyLifeStyle®

Pergola gazebos in great style and high-quality materials

CosyLifeStyle® provide you with a large selection of elegant pergola gazebos in a beautiful, simple, and almost minimalistic design. A pergola gazebo has a very light expression and never blocks your view to the garden and beyond. A light and elegant pergola gazebo adds a wonderful style to a garden as well as providing pleasant shade during the day. It also makes up quite a special place in the evening, where you can sit well protected against the falling dew and the cool evening air. A pergola gazebo is a wonderful place for relaxation and social events.

Pergola gazebos in sturdy materials with great flexibility

Our various pergola gazebos are built of sturdy and maintenance-free quality materials. This means that when you have assembled your gazebo, you do not have to worry about rust or any kind of maintenance for that matter. You can simply enjoy having a place where you can enjoy the shade as well as shelter depending on the weather and your mood. The flexible roofs of the pergolas are either made of fabric or moveable slats, which makes it wonderfully flexible to enjoy the garden inside a pergola. You quite easily opens or shuts the roof according to the weather and your needs. For some of our exclusive pergola gazebos, you can buy curtains or fabric sidewalls so you can close the pergola entirely to prevent sun, wind, and prying eyes.