Patio heaters CosyLifeStyle®

Patio heaters can make the evenings on the patio even better

When you love to be outdoor, then you sometimes need a little help to keep you warm. That could be an efficient patio heater, for when the temperature does not quite live up to the expectations. Especially during the evening, an efficient patio heater or two can make a huge difference. Our various patio heaters from CosyLifeStyle® are efficient as well as easy to use and handle. We offer a series of patio heaters to be mounted on a wall, placed on a stand or just placed on the ground. With one or more of the modern patio heaters, you can create a very special place on your patio. Here you can stay outside most of the year - sometimes with a little help from the heaters providing a pleasant warmth. Add several months to your patio life with one or more patio heater!

Patio heaters providing a pleasant infrared heat

Patio heaters come in different types, but when it comes to the electrical patio heaters, which we offer, we are talking about infrared patio heaters. The infrared patio heaters emit a reddish light - as the name implies. The infrared heat emits infrared rays. When these rays hit a thing or a person, this object will be warmed. It means that an infrared heater does not waste any energy heating up the air around it. That makes a huge difference when used outside. Overall, you get better exploitation of the energy used to heat your patio and more. As an extra thing, the infrared heaters provide a wonderful ambience, which just is another reason to put up some patio heaters.