Patio covers CosyLifeStyle®

Patio covers create a unique outdoor space

CosyLifeStyle® patio covers are an elegant and simple solution when you want to create a unique place right outside on your patio where you can enjoy the garden in almost any kind of weather. Having a high-quality patio cover means that you can stay outside when the sun is shining, if it rains, and even at night. Another advantage with a patio cover is that you can leave cushions and other things on the patio and do not have to put it away. Place one of these modern, elegant, and maintenance-free patio covers on your patio and start enjoying your garden and patio even more. During the day, the patio cover will provide shade from the sun and protect you from too much damaging UV-rays - and against the rain if it is one of those days. In the evening, it will protect you and your patio furniture and more from the falling dew, so you can stay outside in the evening for as long as you like.

Patio covers are sturdy, durable, and maintenance-free materials

All our different patio covers are made of sturdy and maintenance-free materials in high quality. Furthermore, they offer various details like built-in gutters and slim proportions ensuring you the best possible outlook from the patio. When you have assembled and mounted the new patio cover, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of any kind. Forget about rust, rot or peeling. Just lean back - quite literally - and enjoy your new outdoor space, where you can have shade and shelter depending on the weather. You are free to select a patio cover with roof plates in either polycarbonate or glass depending on your preferences. Both types of roof will give you a beautiful patio cover as well as plenty of light on the patio.