Patio heaters and parasols


CosyLifeStyle® presents a wide range of patio heaters and parasols

During the day, an elegant, functional, and high-quality parasol will provide shade from the sun and make your stay on the patio pleasant and safe. In the evening, when the sun has set, the parasol will prevent dew from falling on the patio. Furthermore, the CosyLifeStyle® patio heaters will help make the evening nice and cosy.


You can have the beautifully designed heaters standing on the floor, heaters for mounting on the wall or a stand – and finally an innovative, specially designed heater to mount under the parasol. All the heaters are quality heaters that will provide warmth and ambience for a long time. To make the evening even warmer and cosier, use our faux fur blankets and throws that will keep you and your guests warm through the evening and well into the night.

Pation heaters