Orangeries CosyLifeStyle®

Classic and modern orangeries for relaxation and style

Just imagine how beautiful one of these elegant orangeries would look somewhere in your garden. Our orangeries are modern and more affordable versions of the classic orangeries, which became popular hundreds of years ago. Mostly you could see these large buildings in wood and glass at castles and other stately manors. Back then, the orangeries were used to project the rare lemon trees and orange trees during the winter. That is why these beautiful structures are called orangeries. Today most of us have to settle for a smaller orangery, but the feeling and ambience is still there.

Maintenance-free orangeries in durable materials

The classic orangeries were built in wood and glass, which required a lot of maintenance. Furthermore, the glass could be fragile. Having a modern orangery provide you with an affordable, maintenance-free, and light construction. If you want, you can assemble the orangery yourself without special tools or prior knowledge – more or less. That means that an orangery is the perfect do-it-yourself solution and can be assembled and put up by most people. Just follow the enclosed step-by-step manual and you will soon be able to enjoy your new orangery.

An orangery in clear and strong polycarbonate

One of our modern orangeries has an elegant white aluminium frame and polycarbonate window panels. The classic structure will look amazing almost anywhere – next to a modern house or beside an old house. A modern orangery is a quiet haven and an extra garden room filled with sunlight and plants – and with an astonishing 360⁰ outlook. Put the orangery on or next to your patio, and you can enjoy the structure as much as you like – in all kinds of weather and more or less all year.

Enjoy your garden even more with an orangery

A modern orangery is a room for relaxation and for growing all sorts of vegetables and flowers. You can sit well- sheltered against the rain and the wind inside your elegant orangery – or you can enjoy it from the outside when the temperature gets too high inside the orangery. An orangery looks beautiful in itself and will add style to most gardens. With some plants and elegant furniture inside, the see-through structure will look even more inviting.