Inflatable sofas CosyLifeStyle®

Inflatable sofas are fun and comfortable

CosyLifeStyle® can also deliver a furniture series with inflatable sofas and more in the well-known Chesterfield look. Most people may have seen the large, elegant leather furniture with many buttons. Not so many people can afford or even wants the classic furniture in thick leather at home. However, outside in the garden, on the patio, on the beach, and at parties, the wonderful inflatable furniture in heavy PVC is great fun and loved by everyone! We offer the fun and comfortable sofas, armchairs, and benches for you to enjoy life in great style inside or outside as you please. The elegant inflatable furniture is made with strong 800 g/m² PVC in the same style and design as the famous Chesterfield furniture and it will look amazing in your garden, on the patio, around a pool or on the beach. The furniture is waterproof and UV-resistant.