Garden Furniture CosyLifeStyle®

Garden furniture for enjoying the outdoor living even more

To make the most of your garden or patio, you often need some furniture and other equipment so you can sit comfortably and preferably in the shade when you want to. We offer a wide selection of tables, benches, chairs, and table and bench sets to create the settings for festive and cosy outdoor get-togethers. This also covers our elegant stackable chairs in plastic, where the focus is on comfort and durability. The lightweight chairs are easy to store when you do not use them and are easy to fetch when you have guests. Furthermore, we offer the fun and elegant inflatable sofas in the well-known Chesterfield look, which are perfect for a fun and festive event in the garden or on the beach.

A barbecue grill can make the event even better

Apart from our various garden furniture, we offer a series of functional barbecue grills, which will make all the difference when you are having a get-together on the patio or somewhere in the garden. The elegant and efficient barbecue grills are made for gas or coal so you are free to order the type of barbecue grill you like the best. Whether you prefer gas or coal from a working perspective or you let your taste buds decide. The number of large gas grills has increased in reason years because they are so easy to cook on but many still prefer a coal grill barbecue due to the scent, taste and feel. No matter which type you prefer, a barbecue grill will make it even cosier on the patio and more.