Bioclimatic Pergolas CosyLifeStyle®

Bioclimatic pergola gazebos are elegant and modern

Having a bioclimatic pergola gazebo on the patio or somewhere in the garden can make a huge difference more or less every day. Our pergola gazebos are made of powder-coated aluminium or similar strong and durable lightweight materials. The bioclimatic pergolas have an iconic flat roof made of crossbeams or slats, which can open and close according to the weather and your mood. The pergola gazebos are open structures without sidewalls or curtains so you can enjoy a free view from the gazebo and through it for that matter. If you want sidewalls and more, it is possible to order separately.

Bioclimatic pergola gazebos are made of strong and durable materials

Basically, the freestanding pergola gazebos are very similar to our patio covers and the popular garden gazebos with sidewalls. The word ‘pergola’ means ‘projection’ in Italian because a pergola was originally made with beams projecting from a house wall and was supported by columns or pillars. In many ways similar to the modern-day pergolas. Having one of these bioclimatic pergola gazebos – or a patio cover – will provide you with a wonderful room where you can enjoy your garden in all kinds of weather – more or less.

Sidewalls for your bioclimatic pergola gazebo

The open bioclimatic pergola gazebo is beautiful but if you prefer a more closed construction, you can order one or more sidewalls to make the gazebo more closed, sheltered and private. Depending on the model you have, you can have soft curtains or sidewalls and firm sidewall screen or even sliding glass doors. Another option is the louvre walls, which also can provide shade. The common denominator for the bioclimatic pergola gazebos is the feature that allows you to open and close the roof. Not only will the roof regulate the sun and the rain – you can also enjoy more ventilation with an open roof. Another great advantage is that these modern and minimalistic pergolas will look amazing almost anywhere.

Make your bioclimatic pergola gazebo safe

Our various bioclimatic pergola gazebos are strong structures made of durable lightweight materials. Even though they are sturdy, you need to secure the structure by fastening the legs to the ground. If you do not fasten the gazebo, you may risk an accident in case of strong wing. Especially if the slats are closed, the wind can lift the gazebo and move it if the structure is not secured with ground anchors, screws or similar.